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• Dec 31, 2020 - 22:35

'Im not good at using musescore to do certain things like cleaning a score and making it look nice. So I imported a midi file to musescore. And right now it is supper messy, and I don't know how to fix it. If you can please help.



Learn to use MuseScore and forget about importing from MIDI for all but the most basic of tunes. That is genuinely the best advice I can give you.

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I would take this a step further - taking a MIDI file and cleaning it up to produce readable notation requires far more skill - both with music notation in general, and with the editing facilities in MuseScore - than simply entering the music yourself normally. The sort of mess creating on a typical MIDI import will take way more music-reading skill to understand than would be required to write it yourself, and the types of things necessary to correct the problems will be far more difficult than writing it correctly to begin with.

By way of example, which is easy, typing the following sentence:

"To be or not to be, that is the question"

Or, taking the following sentence and editing it character by character to produce the correct result without just retyping it:

"Two bee ;
!thatisthe quest shun"
oar knot 2 Bea"

The type of files that 'play nice' with MuseScore are .mscz and .mscx files -- which are formats native to MuseScore.
If you can't find those, look for .xml or .musicxml which is a file format for sharing sheet music among different scorewriting software.
Opening those file formats in MuseScore will minimze clean up. Perhaps you can find such a version of your score.
(Especially if you are downloading from musescore.com)


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