Crash - 0.9.5 on WinXP

• Oct 21, 2009 - 06:06

After entering and then deleting all measures, or just deleting some of the original rest measures in a new score, MuseScore crashes when Note Entry Mode is selected. This crash is possibly avoided if the first measure is selected before requesting Entry mode. (It takes so long to restart MuseScore that I'm reluctant to confirm this.) The crash is definitely NOT avoided if the second measure is selected.

I've successfully reproduced this (if reproducing a crash can be called "success") 4 times
I did not test if doing a save between the delete and enter avoids the crash.

This seems sort of basic. What could we possibly do after deleting all measures *other* than going into Entry mode?


Can you give detailed steps to reproduce the crash, meaning which keys to press etc...? Because I can't reproduce following your post.
Read: [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support]]

Regarding MuseScore being slow at startup, it takes less than 3 seconds here, on a laptop with 2Gb Ram, intel core 2 duo running vista. What's your config? Do you use a big soundfont?

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Steps to crash (the shortest path):
1. Start MuseScore and click File -> Open -> New
2. Give it a title, select "Create .. from scratch", click Next.
3. Add Piano from Instrument List. (or Violin. I haven't tested the crash with anything else.) Click Next.
4. Key signature. - Just click Next.
5. Time signature - Just click Finish.
6. In the new score do a ctl-click on a measure. (I have to do this twice for the dashed box to appear.)
7. Press Del to remove the measure.
8. Select N for Note Entry mode - Crash!

Pentium 4, 2.66Ghz
512MB Ram
WinXP Pro

It takes 3 seconds just to get the splash screen and another 30 seconds to finish initializing.
That's with SoundFont FluidR3_GS/FluidR3_GM.sf2.
I went back to the MuseScore default piano and it came up a bit faster - 20 seconds including bring up the demo.

Maybe later I'll try disabling my virus checking and firewall software just to see if that changes anything.

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During the 6 months between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5, many bugs and crashes have been fixed. It's highly unlikely that 0.9.4 will run better than 0.9.5.

Is it possible for you to dig up the score in the state before you removed the measures? If so, would it be possible to reproduce the problem? This way, the problem can be solved.

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There is a simple workaround for the crash you discovered. If the beginning of the piece you are working on doesn't have a time signature then adding a time signature stops MuseScore will stop crashing. Going back to version 0.9.4 will not fix your problem. I just checked and in fact version 0.9.4 has the same bug. As Thomas mentioned version 0.9.5 is much more stable than previous versions.

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??? Can you even define a score not having a time signature? The default in the new score setup is 4/4 and that's what I used. I did validate that the crash does not happen with 3/4, but what do I do if I want 4/4? For now I'm trying to leave one measure with notes in it, but (I think) I've discovered it has to be at least one non-empty measure in each staff. I sometimes forget.

I do a lot of trying out a few measures on a work score, fiddling with them, and then deleting them after copying them into my "real" score. Maybe I've been using this technique only since I've been on 0.9.5 but I don't remember it on 0.9.4. (I've been using MuseScore for only 3 weeks so I have little pattern of use.)

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I was refering specifically to the crash you reported (see ) where the time signature disappears from the beginning of the piece after you delete the first measure. This problem (as I mentioned above) also happens in 0.9.4. If the piece has a 4/4 (or any other time signature) at the beginning then there is no crash. Are you encountering another crash? If so please report the steps.

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Sorry. I had not noticed that the time signature disappeared along with the notes during the delete . However, I just did a delete, added the time signature back, entered Entry mode, and it crashed again. I obviously don't know how to implement your circumvention.

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