Fretboard + Chord throughout score - can I delete just the fretboards keep the chords?

• Jan 7, 2021 - 21:19

I am using software that scans PDF's for piano music, and often it includes fretboard symbols, which in turn have a chord symbol above them. I would like to delete the fretboard and keep the chord element.

The chord element is anchored to the fretboard. I can cut the chord, select a note and paste it back, then delete the fretboard. But there are a LOT of them.

Is there any way to delete the fretboards and have the chord symbols reattach where the fretboard was attached? Sort of a delete-from-chain rather than delete-cascade.

I know I can also hide the fretboards, but that's kind of sloppy too. And something weird happens to the positioning of the chord symbol.




Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to do that right now. Probably it should work to select the chord symbols *eg, right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements), then Ctrl+C to copy, then delete the fret diagrams, then select the first relevant note or rest, then Ctrl+V to paste. But it doesn't work - the chord symbol copy/paste code doesn't seem to handle that case. I would suggest entering that into the Issue Tracker as, well, I'd call it a bug.

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Well, frankly, I think a different sort of delete would be more definitive. I.e. if elements A -> B ->C (where the arrow indicates it is anchored there), and you delete B, two things would make sense -- one is that A go away (which it does), but the other is that A be re-anchored to C. But it is what it is, at least they are fairly quick to type in.

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The copy/past thing indeed doesn't work (still on musescore

But even the more direct approach doesn't work, although the application is really suggesting you otherwise: you can select the fretboard diagrams independently of the chord symbols. The visual feedback is that you have selected the fretboard diagrams only, and the Inspector also shows the properties of the fretboard diagrams. There is absolutely no indication that the 2 are linked. But if you delete that selection, the chord symbols are also deleted. Selecting and deleting the chord symbols only works as expected.

I can only hope that this has been fixed/improved in musescore 4.0,

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