Musescore 4 Keyswitch compatability

• Jan 12, 2021 - 22:18

So a quick question/feature request I have for musescore 4

I use a DAW and a lot of vsts. Musescore 4 acting like a DAW would greatly enhance the speed I can compose. However I am wondering how/if musescore will be able to hide/handle keyswitches with orchestra vsts etc.

It's important especially for instruments like EastWest's orchestras where you can load several different patches and be able to control them with keyswitches.

Will there be a way to ignore keyswitches in the notation editor?


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I was wondering if there was any update on this now that Musescore 4 Beta is available?

I've recently started doing a lot more big band arrangements and have some nice plugins for the horn section, and would like to use keyswitches for playback for fps, mutes, glissandos, vib/no vib etc.

Will there be a feature similar to Dorico's expression maps?

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