Add a tie without adding next note

• Jan 15, 2021 - 22:10

Hey all,

Long time sibelius user and very new Musescore user. I have a question about creating ties. When I'm inputting notes, I'll use + to add a tie. Whenever I do this, it automatically enters a new note of the same rhythmic and pitch value. Is there a way to change this behavior so it just adds the tie and then I can choose what note I'd like to input next?

Also, after I input a note, from my research through other forum posts, it seems as though you can't easily change the rhythmic value with the change of a button. Has this been changed? I know you can use W and Q, but any way to click the numpad number of the rhythmic value you want and have it switch?

Thanks in advance. It always takes a bit to settle into the workflow of a new program, although there are many things that carried over from sibelius to my pleasant surprise.


  1. Add the first note
  2. Select/Set the duration for the 2nd note
  3. Enter the tie (which will add the 2nd note with the chosen duration)

To clarify: MuseScore doesn't add a note of the same duration, it adds one of the currently selected duration. So, simply select the duration for the second note before pressing the tie button.

Within note input mode, Q/W are your friends. Took me a while to warm to them, now they are indispensable to me. But outside note input mode, just select a note and press the new duration.

Hello...hello...hello... If you exit note input mode by pressing the "N" in the upper left corner so that it is no longer highlighted, you can tie a note to the next note of the same pitch without creating another note. However, as far as I know - and if I understand your question - you cannot enter a note, add the tie, then input the note attached. Both notes must exist before the tie is created. In regard to your other question, you can select the note and press a number to change its rhythmic value. 3 changes it to an eighth-note, 4 a quarter-note, 6 a half note, and so forth. If a period (.) is pressed with the note selected, the note is dotted.


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