notehead not showing

• Jan 16, 2021 - 11:17

I have a soprano line on my score. I have two occasions where the note goes to a top A, and although it shows on the score, it is showing as a khaki green colour instead of black. If I export the score as PDF it becomes completely invisible. How do I make it a "real" note that will print out. Is it something to do with it being considered too high in pitch for the soprano line? I've tried pressing v but that makes no difference.

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However, even out of range notes should export to PDF etc just fine - the color is used only for onscreen display. If you believe you have a problem of notes actually disappearing on export, we'd need you to attach an actual score, not just a picture, in order for us to be able to investigate. But my guess is, it was your attempts to make it visible again with "v" that actually made in *invisible".

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