I can't install the newest version of Musescore

• Jan 17, 2021 - 03:24

It also happened in some versions released recently but somehow when I retried later it will disappear.
When I tried to install the package, it showed "An error occurred while attempting to create a directory: E:\Config.Msi" and interrupted the installation. Pease fix it ASAP. Thanks a lot.

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I tried but it does not work.
However, I tried to uninstall the old version with a third party uninstaller and it worked. Then I reinstall the new version and managed to make it.
I use a surface go 2 to write scores, and it only has 128G that will be easily filled by documents and applications. So I use a tf microsd card and install all of my applications on it, and I found a way to transfer the data which should be on hard disk to the card.

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