Palette Title Bug

• Jan 19, 2021 - 04:04

Version: MuseScore 3.6
Windows 10
Font: Leland

Attached is a screenshot of a bug that has just appeared. (Pictured: Screenshot of project in MuseScore; the "Palette" dropdown titles show seemingly random musical symbols, mostly notes with multiple flags or tremolos.) After attempting to interact with the pallet most of the dropdown titles ended up looking like this. Further interaction caused all of them to appear this way. I assume it's some sort of mix-up in fonts? I can still use the menus to access symbols but obviously I cannot read the titles.

Note: this is one of many issues I've been experiencing since downloading MuseScore 3.6. It is very difficult for me to even open the application; it takes about two minutes of non-interaction to display the "previous session quit unexpectedly" window; from there either interaction brings me to the menu (it does not restore any session). Perhaps this is caused from the Drumline Extension? I started noticing lots of bugs after downloading it on Musescore 3.5 but it never was this bad.

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Try switching out of the MDL workspace to see if that fixes up the palette titles.
For some whacky reason the MDL creators chose to include crazy font-size/menu settings into their workspace, which might be the reason for what you're seeing.

I think the MDL folks tried specifying a non-standard font for the interface and if you don't have that font, your system substitutes something else that may or may not look nice.

You should be able to switch the font in Edit / Preferences / General. Switching workspaces gets you readable fonts but then you can't access the MDL palettes.

But as for the slow startup, that too is very normal for MDL, the soundfonts are huge. The message about the previous session is due to a previous crash. Once you start up successfully, just exist immediately to clear that out. Then the next time you start you shouldn't see the message. But, it will still be slow, unless you remove the MDL soundfonts (which I recommend doing if you don't rely on them all the time). You can do that in View / Synthesizer / Zerberus.

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