'Lines' not visible or accessible in 'Palettes'

• Jan 19, 2021 - 21:30

I've had this problem for a while but I was waiting for the new update, hoping it would fix it.
I always have my 'Palettes' open for ease of use, and the 'Lines' is just blank spaces. I can't add anything to it either. On the 'Master Palette' they come up fine, but it's really inconvenient to have to open it every time I need to add a 'line' (as in cresc., decres., etc) to my music. does anyone know what I should do to fix this?


This might sound as a bit of a silly request because you can't see the lines, but would you mind sharing a screenshot where you have the lines palette and one other palette open?

I have exactly the same issue when the palettes are just not large enough to display the largest of the lines. They all appear blank.
First time I had this I thought graphics where corrupted and that I had to reboot the laptop.
But NO, just playing a bit with the width of the palettes makes the lines reappear.
I would consider that a bug, all line icons become blank just because the largest one would very slightly be truncated...
If not a bug at least poor design.
Anyway once known the workaround is easy.

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I seem to able to reproduce that, but only if the palettes are narrow enough so that they show just a single column, correct? Or did you also see this happening if it showed more than 1 column?

Because knowing that, I can do that to any palette now (tempo / key signatures / ...) If you make it smaller than the element, then the element will indeed not be clipped (shown partially), but not drawn at all. Notice how the "more" cell is still visible until you drag the palette even more narrow and that can't fit anymore either.

thank you for all your responses! the tips worked, and because I wanted to keep the 'palettes' thinner than i could with the original 'lines' palette I just created my own palette with the lines I use most frequently.

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