Re-docking the Inspector after it's been moved

• Aug 30, 2014 - 21:58

Can the Inspector be made to snap back into the default docked position after it's been moved? I'm thinking of the way the Palette panel behaves in the same situation.


The Inspector can be docked like the Palette and Connect windows. Just drag it to the right place, until the dock area highlights, and release. Or are you asking about something different?

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No, Mark, that was it exactly. I could not get it to work - but I shall keep trying.

EDIT: It simply does not work for me, and, FWIW, the Connect window doesn't move at all. It's easy enough to find that 'sweet spot' to re-dock the Palette panel because the score shifts to the right to accommodate it. That's not going to happen with the Inspector, as it always resides atop the score so that the score can score horizontally behind it.

Just to to be clear, I am referring to the docked position at the right side of the screen. I can move the Palette panel from its usual place and dock the Inspector in *that* spot on the left side of the screen, but that's not what I'm trying to do. I want to re-dock the Inspector in its default position at the right side of the screen.

Windows 8.1, desktop

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I'm using the latest nightly and Windows 8.1u1. All I needed to do, after dragging the Inspector out, was to drag it back to the right edge of the MS windows and it re-docked. I did have MuseScore connect closed. With Connect open I just had to drag to the bottom or top of the connect window to re-dock.

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I just tried the latest nightly, and I have the same problem: cannot re-dock the Inspector, and cannot move MuseScore connect at all.

EDIT (and this refers to the most recent nightly as well as Beta 1):

I can re-dock the Inspector if (and only if) I have MuseScore Connect open by dragging the Inspector to the top or bottom of MuseScore Connect (as schepers just described).

However, I cannot re-dock the Inspector at all without opening MuseScore Connect first to do so.

MuseScore Connect is itself unmovable, although it can be closed.

I never use MuseScore Connect, but I can certainly live with this workaround to re-dock the Inspector. Still, it seems odd that my experience doesn't match that of others.

Win 8.1u1 - I've been using Update 1 without even realizing it.

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If things are working OK, you should be able to dock it with the Palettes as well.

When Connect is closed, and I drag the Inspector window to within ~2cm (1 inch) of the right side of the MS window, an outline gets drawn showing where the panel will dock. This doesn't happen for you?

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No. :-(

But it's okay. I've never actually needed to un-dock the Inspector; I just happened to try it out, and then found that I wasn't able to put it back into its exact original place by re-docking.

Yes, it will dock on the left side if I wish. But as I mentioned, MuseScore Connect cannot be moved anywhere - only opened and closed. It can be reduced in size if I dock the Inspector over it, but otherwise it only changes between open and closed.

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For me, if Connect is closed, I have to drag the Inspector almost all the way to the right edge for it to dock - it's a pretty narrow zone. If Connect is open, it's much easier. And I can confirm that Connect cannot be undocked on my systems (Linux & Windows 7) as far as I can tell.

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