Suggesting confirmations for Reset All Preferences to Default

• Jan 21, 2021 - 16:43

Hi, I accidentally pressed the Reset All Preferences to Default button, mistaking it for the Restart Audio and MIDI Devices button - I think for a button with such significant potential changes, it might be worth confirming to the user some way or another.

I thought at first that maybe a pop-up asking the user to confirm, something like "Are you sure you want to reset your preferences to the default settings?" would be nice, but it could be annoying for people who really were trying to reset, since they'd have to then press Apply or OK to finally confirm the changes.

So I was thinking that maybe it might be worth having some text or graphic indication that you've pressed the Reset button, that pressing OK or Apply will remove all of your preferences - warning users that if they've accidentally pressed it, to cancel in order to prevent losing their settings.

This is definitely pretty minor, I've only encountered this once in years of use, but I thought it would be a small detail worth addressing.


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I thought I'd made it pretty clear that even I thought a confirmation popup was not the best idea for how to implement a warning. Oh well.

Actually, why not just turn it into a tick box instead? That way there's an explicit visual confirmation that you've pressed it, and pressing OK will apply default settings over anything you had previously - without having to be intrusive about it.

Here, I've even made a mockup:

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