Beam palette Proprieties not appear, not display and unable

• 9 years ago

Fistly, it's not easy to write in english because I'm a french canadien (québécois). Recently, i download de version 0.9.3 on my PC, with windows XP. I use the french version. I don't have the application for modify de beam propriety of the notes. also, the beam palette and cross staff beaming chapters are missing on the the french user book.
Can you help me ?
Thank you in anticipation.


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Thank you for your soon answer about the second question. But, my first trouble is the Beam Palette propriety. It doesnt appear and i can't «do not beam this note».
Please help me !

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"Eureka!" You all right ! Thank you very much for de service. Je n'avais pas penser d'aller voir dans l'affichage. J'explorais seulement «create» et le «clic» sur la barre. J'apprécie beaucoup votre rapidité à répondre. I appreciate your speed to be answered.

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