Playback lag when there are many notes

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OS: Windows 10, Musescore Version: Musescore 3.6 portable for Windows
It always happens with the harp glissando at the end of the attached file, but it only in certain sessions will it happen in other places. It can happen on any score with enough notes, and on most soundfont instruments but certain ones seem to be immune. It appears to happen after a certain amount of notes, but that amount varies from session to session and if they are spaced out enough, it's fine. It's a really annoying issue that seriously interferes with playback.
By the way, when it plays, there is memory and processing power to spare.

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I have almost the same problem, although I can not reproduce the problem in your attachment file. In my attachment file, it occurs when I play it in Grand piano of musescore general, not in other instruments or other soundfont. My environment is almost same but installed version of musescore 3.6,2,548021803

I guess some parameter limit the pronounced sound number. As a matter of fact, it occur in soundfonts that pronounce many sample.

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 I see the number of notes surely matter. I open the musescore general.sf3 and figure out harp has long(8 second) release time. This mean harp continue to be pronounced 8 second after we release the key. So if you tremolo on harp long time, several hundred sounds are together.
 Maybe you can fix the problem by adjusting the release time, although it distort the good sound. Software such as polyphone will help you.