Version 3.6 - Messed up formats of previously saved scores

• Jan 22, 2021 - 19:10

I installed the update to 3.6. Initially I was pleased when it asked me if I wanted to try the new Style and Edwin font. I thought that sounds ok, perhaps a nice new style and professional looking font? Did I want it to apply by default in future? Again, why not?

Then I opened several old complicated piano scores and it messed up the formatting completely. The fingering looked incredibly large. Slurs moved that had previously been switched off auto-placement became auto placed again. Line and page breaks came at the wrong places. Oh dear. I tried sorting out the messes it made on several scores. It was very time consuming.

In the end, I felt I had to revert to version 3.5. This is so sad. But I felt this was not a good update at all. I will be waiting until it is more stable.

Great shame, but at least I can get on with my music making.



There seems to be a problem with an updated score retaining the changes I make to correct the problems caused by the new style/font. I tried going forward again to 3.6, on several PCs (I have 4!, don't ask!) and having tried to remain on the old style, Musescore messed up several complex scores. I am reverting again to 3.5. There are clearly some issues with version 3.6 picking up scores created by earlier versions, in particular version 3.5.
I love Musescore, but this is getting me very frustrated now.

The problem seems to be that any changes I make to the positioning of piano fingering, seems not to "stick" when I load the revised score on another machine also on 3.6. I am therefore forced to correct it. Then next time the fingering all changes positions when loaded on another machine. I store all my scores on Dropbox so that they are available in the two locations I use. I key all my scores in on a powerful desktop with a large screen. Then I use a Windows 10 Pro stick PC with a large monitor on my grand piano. In transferring the score files between the two PCs via Dropbox the changes do not "stick". This did not happen with 3.5 version. The fingering is the most badly affected, but the fonts and slurs change too!

Both PCs are on the same 64bit latest updated version of Windows 10 (the January 2021 update has been applied). So the environment is clean and completely up to date.

I would rather not share my files, but I hope this gives you enough information to reproduce the effect. All you need is a few bars of piano music with some carefully positioned fingering.

3.6 messed up 4 multipage scores I was working on. They happen to be loaded when I applied the update. the fonts and fingerings and page breaks and slurs were in a sorry state afterwards!


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It's really impossible to diagnose problems like this without sample scores. If you have some sort of concern about developers seeing your music, just delete portions of it. but I assure you, there is no possible harm to come up sharing here, only the very positive result of us getting to bottom of the issue.

Or, if it is as easy to reproduce as you say, you might be able to construct a sample yourself. But our own hundreds of test files do not show this, so I suspect it is something unique to your score, perhaps some combination of settings you typically employ, etc.

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I was right to revert to 3.5, until the issues with were sorted. In fact I decided that as the "rogue" update could mess up my existing score styles, I would save lots of my styles, so that if any future update threatened them, I could at least regain by reloading my own styles.

Then I updated to 3.6.1 and hey, I am now happy. There are probably some buglets, but at least I am now safe and my old scores will not be fiddled with by an update again.

I notice you took away that dialogue that asked if you wanted to try the new engraving styles. That was one of the causes of my frustration. Thank you for removing it.

I am a happier bunny now.


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