Text has custom formatting but I can't see the details

• Jan 23, 2021 - 04:43

Musescore 3.6.

In the attached example I added two tempo markings. Looking at them in the inspector, the "Remove Custom Formatting" button was active for both. So for the second marking, I clicked Remove, and its appearance changed visibly.

Now I was curious to know exactly what custom formatting I just removed, and I thought I should be able to double-click the markings to enter edit mode, and by moving the cursor around while watching the toolbar I would find out that one of them has some character in a different font, or different size, or italicized, etc. But as far as I can see every character in both markings is Edwin 12 pt bold, including the quarter note glyphs which look obviously different. Is there a kind of "custom formatting" that is hidden from the UI?

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This makes sense, because if I change the note symbol in the second marking to Leland Text, it now looks just like the first marking - but in this case the toolbar can now show me that it's Leland Text.

My question then would be, if there's a way to represent this mixture of fonts in a way that's discoverable via the toolbar, why does inserting a new tempo create an object that the toolbar misrepresents as being all one font? (Marc, I'm not arguing with you, just trying to understand whether this is a bug and if so how to report it.)

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You can't change the font used for symbols as far as I know, it's always the musical text font. So I guess that's one reason not to produce the illusion this is something you can choose any old font for. There are probably some cases where we can do better than we do, and I recall this being discussed just within the past couple of weeks, but I didn't really follow the discussion and am not sure what the cases in question were.

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