Oops - reset sound fonts/gain more control over sound fonts

• Jan 23, 2021 - 09:50

I downloaded a couple of soundfonts, and installed them following instructions I found somewhere round here. I wanted to try these to see what happens.

Now all my scores - even the ones not requiring those soundfonts - are using those - which was not what I wanted.

So - how do I reset things to use the initial/basic soundfont?

And then, how can I control "add-in" soundfonts in future for specific pieces of music or specific staves in a work?


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Thanks - that's got my piano back!

Now, suppose I have a score with one stave which I wish to have with a different sound - from one of the other soundfonts. How do I do that?

Is there a manual section or a Youtube video which will show me? Can this even be done just for a few bars? Also, is the data then stored back in the score, so that if uploaded to Musescore.com it will play as it sounds locally?

Lots of questions here - sorry!

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OK - I'll need to figure that out. Does that still work with copies uploaded to Musescore.com?
I guess it must, as I've seen other people's scores with different soundfonts which play back that way in the web interface.

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Have a quick look at https://musescore.org/en/handbook/soundfonts-and-sfz-files for how loading multiple soundfonts affects their order in the mixer.

If you are using non-default synthesizer settings (such as custom/additional soundfonts), then you will have the option to upload your local generated audio along with the score if you use File → Save Online from within MuseScore directly.
This is not possible when uploading your score via their web-interface.

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