Tempo - numbers vs words

• Jan 24, 2021 - 01:11

In setting tempo, which is preferred - metronone mark or traditional expression? That is, quarter note = 80, or andante - or both? And if you have entered both for a particular beat, which takes precedence?


I'm not sure what you mean by "preferred" here. Could you elaborate?
If you have entered both for a particular beat, you can check what the tempo is by going into the inspector. Under Tempo text in the inspector, there will be a "Follow text" check box. If that is checked, the metronome mark will be equal to the tempo. Otherwise, the tempo value will be indicated in the box that says Tempo

If you want to be able to predict what MuseScore uses for tempo playback, don't add two markings to a single position. When you desire to have both the expression text as well as the note marking, then start from the note marking and double click it to add the expression text, keeping it as a single element.

The choice is really entirely up to you as the composer though (and largely a stylistic one). If you have a need for a precise tempo (for example for synchronizing with other things (video/other audio tracks)) then an explicit BPM mark makes the most sense.
If you're only concerned with conveying the "feel" of the tempo, then expression text might make a bit more sense.

Keep in mind though, that despite whatever you put on your score performers will pretty much always choose their own interpretation of tempo according to their mood and skill level.

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