All of my score files have disappeared.

• Jan 25, 2021 - 01:08

Hi all -

Recently, my scores have been saving to the "images" folder of musescore, which I found odd, though not particularly inconvenient.
This evening, to my dismay, I've discovered that every file in the "Scores" and "Images" folder has but disappeared.
Now, I am aware that I can access backups through the App Data folders (or maybe Program Files) on my Windows 10 laptop, but I would perhaps first like to try and resolve this issue.

Thanks for your help!


Oh, and if it helps, all of my soundfont files have gone from the synthesizer menu (save for the general font). Also, I just recently installed 3.6.

MuseScore saves by default to wherever you last saved to. So probably you accidentally saved on score to the Images folder, then that became the default for further scores.

MuseScore never ever deletes files, so if you are sure you are looking in the same folder you were before - keep in mind, there can be different Scores folders for MuseScore2 and MuseScore3, also Windows creates multiple Documents folders (one under OneDrive, one not) - then maybe you accidentally deleted them, and they are in your Recycle Bin. If your Documents folder was in OneDrive, then older copies can still be retrieved online.

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