2.0 having problem with scrolling at end of each staff during playback?

• Aug 31, 2014 - 09:23

Ok here are 2 somewhat more complex faster score, in 1.3 it scrolls along during playback fine, but open this in 2.0 and during playback it doesn't scroll properly when reached end of each staff, like there's a lag between the scrolling and then it catches up and skip highlighting a bunch of notes at the beginning of the next line.

I am using built 244f40d

update: hmm that's interesting. wonder if this end of line scrolling problem in 2.0 is cpu dependent. the above problem is with an atom netbook but on my core i7 2600k desktop pc the scrolling at end of line to next is fine.

I think it is still a problem in 2.0 though as the scrolling at end of line to next is fine for 1.3 no matter what computer i am on.


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