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• Jan 27, 2021 - 02:54

The icon size for MuseScore is way too small. Is there a setting that I can enlarge them? I have them boxed in red in the screenshot.

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This happens occasionally with certain displays where MuseScore cannot properly detect the resolution. Using the command line option "-D xxx", where "xxx" is the actual resolution in DPI, should fix it. You can set up the program icon to do that automatically on most OS's.

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I use a Mac. with OS 11 (Big Sur) and MuseScore 3.6

I find the built in preference settings in MuseScore easier than command line.
See the attached screen shot for the tool bar icons.

For the palette icons, click the dots for each pallet, and try doubling the font, icon height and width.

Screen shots of those also attached.

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The preferences won't do the whole job, though. For instance, 100% zoom is supposed to be precisely life-sized - score on screen same physical size as when printed. Merely increasing font or icon sizes won't accomplish that. There are other things that also won't scale correctly here - various secondary windows etc.
The command line does it all in one step, and once you've set it once and told your OS about it, you should not need to do it again.

But also, FWIW, you don't need to do each palette separately. You can go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced and set an overall scaling factor for the palette there. Still, far better to get your OS to send the correct resolution information to MuseScore, and if it takes a couple of minute or so figuring out how to get the command line set up properly, it's well worth it.

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If you didn’t change settings within MuseScore, then perhaps you changed monitors or display settings in your OS. Or maybe the OS updated. Something just have changed, obviously.

Anyhow, if you tell us which OS and which of the suggestions you tried, we can understand and assist better. On Windows, the best solution is usually the one involving the Compatibility settings in the Properties dialog for the MuseScore “.exe” file.

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