Placement of dynamics for vocal parts (maybe implement as part of staff/part properties)

• Jan 27, 2021 - 14:35

In vocal parts, it is the custom to place dynamics (inc. crescendo hooks and so on) at the top of the staff so as to not interfere with the readability of the lyrics.

However, musescore default placement of dynamics is below the staff. This is a good default for most instruments, but not for vocal parts. So for vocal parts I end up manually moving the dynamics for vocal parts.

It would be cool if the placement of dynamics (maybe other elements too? Can't think of any but dynamics) could be controlled as a property of the staff/part.

As a further step, the default setting of the property could maybe be controlled via the instrument definition.

(There are some details that this proposal does not solve, such as how to handle multiple voices on the same staff. However I think this will not be a big deal at least for vocal parts, as in the typical case of divisi choral parts, the dynamics will usually be shared by both parts anyway.)

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