Transform chord symbols (ciphers) into chords on the staff.

• Jan 27, 2021 - 16:40

We know that there is a plugin that does this work, however, in studies and research I found that we can perform this procedure in which the result is very faithful:
1. Open the MuseScore format file with melody and chord symbols (cipher)
2. Export this file to MIDI format
3. Open this file (MiDI) in MuseScore (note that the chord-chord symbols disappear). Note that they are on an extra staff (by default Piano)
4. Go back to the first MuseScore file, select a chord symbol (cipher), right-click -> select -> All Similar Elements
5. Launch the shortcut Ctrl C (copy)
6. Go back to the MiDI file, select the first note where the first chord symbol (cipher) will be inserted and click on the shortcut Ctrl V (paste)
7. Save this MIDI file in MuseScore format.

Obs. Attached are two excerpts from an example where this procedure was performed.
I hope I collaborated ...



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To use the built-in tool I'd do something as follows:
1. Add a Treble staff Instrument
2. Copy the chord symbols over (right-click first, select all similar elements in staff, copy, click first measure in new instrument, paste).
3. Select the new instrument staff
4. Tools > Realize Chord Symbols
5. Right-click the staff and choose Split Staff, use c3 as split point
6. Connect barlines/bracket for that instrument.
7. [optional] remove chord symbols from that instrument again.

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