Linux Mint 20.1 xfce panel button doesn't update upon MuseScore 3.6 appimage (re)install

• Jan 27, 2021 - 18:47

This is a minor issue that could none the less be a showstopper for some.
Previously i had MuseScore 3.6 installed on my Linux Mint 20.1 xfce system.
After downloading MuseScore- and making it executable,
i ran it with the "install" argument and it updated the xfce menu.
However, an icon for MuseScore i had installed from the menu into the panel did NOT update, which might be very confusing for some.
There is a very simple solution for this issue in the future (provided you have control over how "install" works);
instead of putting in the menu the direct path of the executable as installed ( in this case ~/.local/bin/MuseScore-
i would like the install to use the symbolic link musescore-portable THAT IT ALREADY CREATES, thus install in the menu the path: ~/.local/bin/musescore-portable ...
thus when a menu is copied to a panel icon, the panel icon would automatically follow upgrades via the symlink!
Thanks for considering this.


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