MuseScore 3.6.1 Release

• Jan 27, 2021 - 18:37

MuseScore 3.6 Stable is Out!

Today we are pleased to announce a patch update, MuseScore 3.6.1. It addresses a few major regressions introduced in MuseScore 3.6.

A few major fixes

  • Fixed a crash on open of a file with start repeat in continuous view
  • Fixed an issue when switching tabs when opening a score while "Score migration dialog" is open
  • Fixed crashes when rearranging instrument positions and changing Ordering
  • Fixed a crash when opening scores with large orchestration created in older versions of MuseScore
  • Fixed an issue where custom style defaults are ignored when creating new score from template

Full release notes are available here

Download MuseScore 3.6.1 Release

Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit

Windows Portable

macOS 10.10 or higher Linux AppImage
(64-bit only)


Great to see the new update! The repeat bug was annoying but it’s great to see how coordinated and fast-acting the MuseScore community can be - I’d heard about the community before but had never really had much experience with it so it was wonderful to see how great MuseScore can be firsthand.

Also great to see the large orchestration bug fixed - while mine never crashed it did slow down a bit so hopefully that’s sorted now!

Once again a great reminder of why this is the best notation software out there!

Great update! I love the best music notation and composition software. I am a blind person who use MuseScore With NVDA. Please I need you will fix the following. When MuseScore is presenting the window for applying new font styles, this window was accessible with 3.6 version. I am very thankful to you. You are the best!!!

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