Shortcut the change any item to red

• Jan 27, 2021 - 19:17

Hi, pardon me if this has been answered elsewhere but I could not find it.
First of all THANKS to all the developers who have made MuseScore possible!!!!!

I teach music theory and my students turn in their assignments in MuseScore. I grade them in MuseScore and return the file with comments and corrections in red.
When I make corrections or suggestions I like to mark in red the incorrect note and write comments above.
Is there a way I can make a shortcut to change a selected item to red?
I realize that I can select all the incorrect notes and change them at the same time but I tend to forget where they are and I also make a mistake CTR-clicking many items and have to restart.
Any help on the shortcut or suggestions on a better workflow would be greatly appreciated.



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