Plugin install on MacOS not working

• Jan 29, 2021 - 16:05

I and a colleague are both unable to install (non-default) plugins on MacOS.

As per the link above, I have done the following:
- saved the plugins to ~/documents/musescore3/plugins
- ensured plugins path under musescore preferences is set to ~/documents/musescore3/plugins

It should work. But the plugin manager doesn't actually find things from that folder when I click "reload plugins" in the plugin manager.

I've also tried:
- move the plugin qml files to Applications > Musescore 3 > Contents > Resources > plugins
- run plugin manager and try to load them
(same result - the plugins are not added to the list when "reload plugins" is clicked)

This was identified to me by a colleague who is having this issue and I have confirmed it as well.


Try opening that plugin (the qml file) In MuseScore's Plugin Editor, and run it from there. This may give error messages which should tell you why MuseScore doesn't like it.
Chances are you're trying to use d 2.x plugin with 3.x

Tengo el mismo problema, en MacOs High Sierra no puedo instalar el plugin "Pipeband - On The Beat" lo descargo en las carpetas que me indica el programa pero no aparece entre los plugins.
Tampoco puedo instalarlo sin intengo ejecutarlo desde el creador de plugins, me da fallo "Ejecutando…Fallo la creación del componente linea 7: Expected token `numeric literal' linea 7: Expected a qualified name id".

Alguna solución?

Muchas gracias!!!

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Ya lo he escrito anteriormente, el archivo qml no funciona, no se puede instalar, he instalado otros archivos qml sin ningún problema pero éste no se instala, ni tan siquiera lo reconoce el programa cuando lo sitúo dentro de las carpetas que se indican.

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