Convert MDL sounds into an .h2drumkit for Hydrogen?

• Jan 30, 2021 - 20:00

I am curious about the possibility of re-using the MDL percussion sounds as a drumkit for Hydrogen. It looks like the sounds are at and the license is CC0. After reading this guide on creating Hydrogen drumkits, I think the best way to go about this project would be to work my way through the MDL_samples folder and build up the kit one instrument at a time. Do you agree that this is a good plan?

One question I have about the MDL_samples subfolders is that many of them have names like buzz_1.ogg. Do the different numbers correspond to different velocities or do they represent four different drumlines that were recorded?


From what I gathered the _number versions are used to "randomize" the samples during playback for a more "natural" feel and thus may be regarded as equals.

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Thanks. I'll have to check if I can set up multiple options for each sound for humanization in Hydrogen or if I should try to use each sample at a different velocity. Giving a close listen to each of the samples for each sound when I'm not sleepy will be my guide, then.

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