Grace note is being blocked by main note

• Feb 1, 2021 - 11:31

When I try to place a grace note after the main note (so not the usual one where it's before the main note), it gets blocked by the main note. I tried dragging the grace note for distance but all it does is drag the main note with it. Is there a way I can distance the grace note & the main note? Or is this a bug which you have to fix? Thanks very much.

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Sending a screenshot is not so useful, because we can't examine what you have done in the score. You need to attach the MSCZ score file as well.

MuseScore is capable of this notation without any collision - and without having to adjust the position of the grace notes:
Grace note after.png

The example score was done with MS 3.6.1 - which MS version are you using?

[EDIT] Just a thought: are you using the correct "Grace note after" icon from the Grace Notes palette?
Grace Notes palette.png

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