Please add Thorough Bass Numbering

• Oct 23, 2009 - 10:55

Dear Developers,

since my office and I are very interested in editing Old Music, we would appreciate it tremendously (donation!!) if there could be a feature for inserting thorough bass numbers. We would even try to develop it by ourselves if there would be a Howto...

Regards, Wolfgang


An user on the french forum had the same feature request
He was quite happy with the use of "Ctrl + K" to enter 1,2, ... and the F2 palette to enter flat, sharp, natural.

He missed stroked numbers like here
or here :

Using lyrics, Ctrl + L, and underscores, you might even be able to have duration line similar to:

I can request an example of his work for you if you want.

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The use of the figured bass font on ubunty is as easy as on wdows. Put the font FIGUREBM__.TTF in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/. When you use C-k or C-l in mscore, it shows a font-selector. There you will find the font.

I would still like a special feature for adding figured bass. With C-k or C-l, there is no way for mscore's lilypond export for exporting real lilypond figured bass code.



I wonder if the time came to take the figured bass issue again in consideration, as this is for me (and maybe not only for me) one of the most important features lacking in current versions . Suggested work-arounds kind of work, but with some dark spots, even of some relevance.

A proper B.C. implementation could be an extension of the current Ctrl-K or Ctrl-L machinery but should contain the following:

  1. additional glyphs (this is easy, I have already posted in the devel mailing list an MScore font variant with (all?) the required glyphs in two styles).
  2. This glyphs should be linkable to shortcuts (opening the F2 palette for each figure takes forever! Assuming they be added to the palette, I mean)
  3. There should be a way to link figures with duration, for chords changing 'mid-way' of a bass note
  4. The main figure sign should be aligned with the note head and alterations should 'hang' before or after. The 'main figure' is a real figure or a sharp/nat./flat sign alone: this should be vertically aligned with the note head; all other signs (including added accidentals) coming before or after the main sign should not disrupt this alignment.
  5. Prolongation lines: I have not been able to obtain a suitable prolongation line.
  6. Figured bass should be tagged as such, for proper formatting and (possibly) export.
  7. Figured bass should have it own formatting options: Y-position and/or space above/space below, font size.

Any way to take this road? Thanks for reading,


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