Tools / Measure / Split measure, and dragging a bar line, seems broken in MS3.6

• Feb 2, 2021 - 19:25

According to i should be able to split a measure using Tools / Measure / Split measure.
However, for the attached score, that is always greyed out and does nothing.
Alternately, i'm supposed to be able to drag a barline over to a note, but that does nothing.
The following DOES work: select note, then hold ctrl and click on the barline in the pallet.
Yay! at least i have a way to do what i want...

I tested the above methods on a brand new score with a small number of notes added (two staffs).
Tools / Measure / Split measure seems to work reliably. Dragging a barline to a note sometimes does nothing, and sometimes splits only the staff where i dropped it.
Ctrl + bar line seems to work reliably.

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Josephines_Waltz-3.mscz 27.4 KB


Works for me, on a different score.
Doesn't work on this because parts exist
I don't quite get though why Crtl+barline works, as under the covers that is doing the same thing.

So this indeed seems to be a bug or at least a serious misfeature, there doesn't seem to be a reason to disalow Tools > Measures > Split, when Ctrl+Barline just works
Same for Tools > Measures > Join, vs. Ctrl+Del Barline

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