Vocal on same note, different vowel: tied?

• Feb 5, 2021 - 01:55


If the vowel sound changes on the same pitch, could it be tied?

I like the way that the tie implies only a change in timbre. This is my transcription of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know", four bars into the breakdown after the second chorus (around 3'40", or bar seventy).

Tied vowel change.jpg

So I'm wondering whether every element of tied notes must be identical by definition.

How interesting!


I advice you to be very careful there. It is conventional notation to handle a tied note as a single note, so a singer expects there to only be a single lyrics event on the whole thing. Breaking this convention will lead to confusion and therefore needs a very good reason. Depending on what you’re doing you might have a piece where you notate pitch and text independently, but in your case I’d just not do the tie, because there is no real advantage to it (if you want no separation between these notes you can just add a small text instruction saying so).

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With a slur rather than a tie, meaning legato but different note, even if same pitch. The look would practically be thw same though
OTOH as you did it, the intention should be fairly obvious, except that a slur to the following notes is missing so as you'd need a slur anyway, you could just slur all 4

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