Is there a way to make ALL of the notes BIGGER on the sheet music?

• Feb 10, 2021 - 17:25

Sorry if I failed to find an answer in the users guide. I still have lots of learning to do in this great program.
My wife's eyes are getting old and she complains she cannot see notes on sheet music anymore, because they are just too small. Is there a way to INCREASE the SIZE of notes on the page in MuseScore (150% of normal size)? If not, is there a way to print the score somehow so the notes come out larger? If not, perhaps this could be a feature request. Lots of folks may struggle to read normal sized print sheet music (we are all getting older).

Thanks in advance.



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We actually go quite a bit further. Instead of just increasing everything uniformly, maybe visually impaired people find they do better if the the gaps between notes don't scale the way way, if stems don't get thick at the same rate as noteheads, etc. So we provide independent control over all of these things to allow users to get results optimal for their own conditions. See for more info. The article was written for an older version of MuseScore but it still applies, the main dialog discussed has just moved to the Format menu.

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