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• Feb 10, 2021 - 21:04

Nice program. I got it solely to write out a couple of simple tunes.

Using the opening 32 bar sheet, I am trying to add a 2nd page. I have been entirely through the handbook and all the menus and shortcuts. I cannot find a command or a process for adding a page. Since the handbook and menus have multiple references to "pages" I assume this can be done, I just don't know how.

Can someone clue me in on what must be pretty obvious to all but me?

Thanks, Steve


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Hi...thanks for the reply.

I am looking to add a 2nd page of 32 measures. The first two sections of my tune used up 32 measures on the first page and now I need a second page to hold the measures of the third section.

I just tried your suggestion:
"To add a System break or a Page break only:
Select any one of the following:
Text element associated with a staff (e.g. lyric syllable, chord symbol, staff text etc.);
Range of measures (if you choose this option, a break will be applied before and after the selection);
Choose one of the following options:
System break: Press↵ (toggle).
Page break: Press Ctrl+↵ (Mac: Cmd+↵) (toggle)."

I selected the last measure on the page and used [Page break: Press Ctrl+↵ ]. I got a little page symbol, but no second page. Does that symbol need some sort of further operation?

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Normally MuseScore will fit as many measures on a page as it can, excess measures "overflow" to a new dynamically generated page. What Page Breaks do is force less measures on a page.
But for a new page to be generated there has to actually be "content" that overflows into it (be it measures or frames).

So you'll want to first append 32 measures to your score (from that other link you were pointed to). And once your music is entered you can force an overflow to a next page to happen sooner than it would be default by adding a page break.

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