Pickup bar: rebeaming to reflect time signature

• Feb 11, 2021 - 22:06


Can I edit a five-quaver pickup bar to beam according to 4/4?

The song is "All About That Bass". It's the "Because you know it's..." at the start of the song.

I've asked musescore to treat the bar as bar 0 and for it to be excluded from the bar count.

The bar is currently beamed into four quavers then a lonely one (please see the attached picture). I'd like it vice versa, as per 4/4.

Thanks in a dance and sorry if I've missed a guide on this or previous post!



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We actually do have logic that tries to answer the same question - "are you the first or last portion of a split measure" that is used for swing playback. It's just an educated guess based on whether this is at the beginning or end of a system, if the previous or next measure is also partial, etc. But it works decently enough in most cases. However, the beaming code doesn't use the same code. Probably it should if there were a way. But the beaming code works one note at a time left to right, that could provide a limited here. The playback code works after the whole measure is completely processed so it has an easier time of it. But probably it's still possible.

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