a better display of measure numbers in continuous View

• Feb 13, 2021 - 14:17

measure numbers display must be improved.
First, on the score, they only appear on the top of the score, and in many cases notes are displayed over the measure numbers

measure numbers on flutes.png

On pro editions, I often see something like that (which is way better):

measure numbers.png

Also, in continuous view, it's difficult to know where we are. a rule with the measure numbers on top of the editing windows would be a real improvement and will save time.



EDIT : I found the way to add the frame around the measure number, but I still can find the way to put them at the bottom of the page.

First, recognzie that continuous view is not meant to represent how music will look printer, so I'm not sure why you are making comparisons there. Continuous view shows measure numbers at the left of the screen because it makes sense for the purposes for which continuous view is intended. But in page view, you have the ability to control epparance further.

In page view, then, is where any decisions about how the printed version will appear should take place.

The standard for measure numbers is above the barline, and that's where MuseScore puts them by default. If you stick to that, then they are not likely to collide with notes. If you center them, that possibility because much more likely, unless you also set the position to be high enough above or low enough below.

If you prefer your measure numbers below the bottom staff, currently the way to do that is set them to appear on all staves, then mark them invisible on all but the bottom staff. We're hoping to implement more control for this and for the positioning of other elements like tempo etc that you might want not just on the top staff or on every staff but repeated on certain staves only, like above the strings on an orchestra score.

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I'm another who would like to be able to see the measure number of every measure in continuous horizontal view. This is a feature in Finale and is useful when comparing your work with a printed score that has measure numbers. I'm surprised that it's not available in Musescore since in other respects Musescore is easier to use than Finale.

A workaround: you can quickly disclose the number of a measure in continuous view by selecting a note in the measure or by selecting the whole measure. Then look at the status line at the bottom of the MuseScore window. At the left of the status line is information about the note or measure; the measure number is included in that information.

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