How to get rid of extra space between stave systems?

• Oct 24, 2009 - 00:20

I have uploaded this screenshot, and, before I added text to the first row for the satb voices, the systems of 4 staves were all together neat and on one page. Now when I have added text, they have this huge space between them, and, decreasing the mm largeness of staves isn't the solution. Could I somehow get rid of that staves that separates the first row from the second? please, please help me and tell me how to do this, I really need this score by tomorrow for a funeral unfortunately.....

Nightly 2244

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The last system went to the next page because it no longer fits on the first page. If it really must be on one page then try reducing the system distance (Style > Edit Style > Page). Try reducing the lyric top and bottom distance (Style > Edit Style > Page). Try reducing the overall scaling (Layout > Page Settings > Scaling). Probably a combination of these are needed since it looks like it would be quite crowded with all three systems on one page.

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yeah, I finally figured out the correct combination that would make everything ok. I knew about the scaling thing, but not about the general style page editing. Thank you for awesome features.
By the way, could you make the Page Settings preview pane able to show when 1 score sheets gets resized to 2 or so on so forth? it would be cool if the preview could show not only just one page, but also 2 pages in case the scaling is too increased. It would really help visually and also save time.


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