'"To coda" and "D.S." jumpers do not work

• Feb 15, 2021 - 13:44

(I use Windows 7 Ultimate PS1 X64.)
I'm an amateur musician and new to Musescore (3.6). I'm getting familiar with this software and testing its features and capabilities. I have a new project (see attached). I had faced many issues but most of them I could solve by now except 2 repeat/jumper issues (see the Subject above).
(Otherwise, I agree with many other users showing up in the Forum that Musescore 3.6 very frequently crashes/quits unexpectedly at any time during notation work with no consequent clear reasons (i.e. clearly recognizable, identifiable, and repeatable mistakes/faults). When this happens it seriously confuses/destroys all the work done so far. So too much extra effort is required each time to check note by note and restore the original scores and measures. Very disappointing.)
Jumping instruction issues (see my attached file):
1) I've been composing a new song (with accompaniment) in which, at measure #31, I want a repeat from measure #11 to #23.
So I put "D.S. al Coda" (i.e. Jump to: segno1, Play until: Coda, Cont'd from: Coda2, Play repeat) in measure #31, then put a "Segno" (i.e. Type: segno, Label: segno1) in measure #11, I put a "To Coda" (i.e. Jump to: Coda, Label: Coda2) jumper in measure #23 and a "Coda" (i.e. Type: Coda, Label: coda2) in measure #32. Jumping from "D.S: al Coda" to "Segno" worked properly but from "To Coda" to "Coda" (coda2) it did not.
2) I also wanted a jump from measure #56 to measure #2 (in section Intro). So I put a "D.S." (i.e. Jump to: segno2, Play until: end) jumper in measure #56 and a "Segno" mark (i.e. Type: segno, Label: segno2) in measure #2. But this jump did not work for me either.

I believe there must be some important information or technique I do not know about which could solve these simple jumping issues in lack of which I cannot complete this new song (sheet music).
(I would appreciate Marc Sabatella's or Jojo-Schmitz's attention.)
Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Ugralo unokak kozt (v4.1).mscz 29.8 KB


There's a 2 Segnos, 'segno1' and 'sugno2', then a To Coda 'coda'
Then there's a D.S. al Coda jumping to 'segno1', until 'coda', continue at 'coda2', with repeats.
There's a Coda 'codab'
And there's a D.S. to jump to 'segno2' and play to the end, with repeats

I don't see a Coda 'coda2' though, so the D.S. al Coda won't know where to jump to after the To Coda

Try the attached

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Ugralo unokak kozt (v4.1).mscz 29.89 KB

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