Questions about timing and copyright on an adapted score

• Feb 17, 2021 - 12:14

Thanks to all of you and my own tenacity over the last week, I have managed to convert a complicated beautiful piano piece into MuseScore format. Since I am just learning music theory and notation as I go, I'm sure I made some notation mistakes, particularly in time (note sizes vs rests, ties, etc.). The song plays exactly correctly in MuseScore, but if I was printing it out as sheet music, would a pianist follow it properly?

(1) If it is permitted and possible, I would be grateful if someone reviewed the file, corrected any piano notation mistakes I made from an actual player point of view, and either email it back to me or post it in an answer I can download. If this is not done on the forum, I understand.

FYI, it plays best with a mellow grand piano sound.

(2) I also have a question about copyright notation. The song was originally copyrighted by Hans Zimmer in 2006, then a pianist in Italy wrote an arrangement of it in 2013, then I adapted his work for MuseScore in 2021. What do I put in the copyright statement at the bottom?

(3) Lastly, am I permitted to upload the score to the MuseScore website for others to use?

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ad 2: I don't think your transcription justifies a copyright for yourself, there might have been work involved, but on act of creating art. So you can put your name on the sheet, but not with a copyright.
ad 3: yes, but not as Orignal Work or PD...

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