Unexpected results of placement edits

• Feb 17, 2021 - 19:46

Well, unexpected by me anyway...

  1. In the example score, highlight the "Expression" text.
  2. In the inspector, select all the text in the Y offset box, replace by typing "1.5"
  3. Click a blank area of the score so that Inspector windows disappear.
  4. Click Expression text again.

After step 2, the expression text moves to (I think) the wrong place.
After step 4, Minimum Distance is changed from 0.50 to -4.01.

MS 3.6.2. There are variations on this theme but I'm already worried I might be reporting a known issue.

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placement edits.mscz 4.07 KB


The change in minimum distance is why the text seems to jump. Changing the offset automatically updates the minimum distance (to allow the collision you are deliberately creating), but the design of the Inspector doesn't allow this to be updated until you leave and come back. So, a known minor glitch, nothing to worry about.

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