Contrabass Pizzicato Not Working

• Feb 21, 2021 - 01:53

On my score, I am using the Contrabass Expressive from either Aegean or Sonatina Symphony Orchestras soundfont (I'm not sure which exactly). However, when setting it to the pizzicato channel, I get a piano sound as playback. I have checked that the pizz. text properties are correctly se to pizzicato, and even tried it with the regular Contrabass and Cello Expressive sounds, but it still doesn't work. Is this a known error, or is there some way I can fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I mean, just as you use the Mixer to set to the main sound for each instrument if you want something other than the default, you also need to expand the channel to show its subchannels if you also want to set the pizzicato sound to something other than the default. Similar for muted brass etc.

All of this works automatically of course if you stick with the default soundfonts, or at least use a standard General MIDI sound as the first soundfont in your list. But when you start playing with loading multiple/non-standard soundfonts, it becomes up to you to set everything up, as MuseScore really has no idea how these alternate soundfotns are organized - which program number actually is meant to be a pizzicato bass etc. Only when using standard General MIDI soundfonts can all of that be taken care of for you automatically.

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Arguably or arguably not. They are not roughly-equally-ranked nodes of a tree. XML elements, for example, as such, are children of their parents, and potentially contain further children. But staves are not children of a system, or notes of a chord, although internal arbitrary data structure schemas might or might not foster such a characterization.

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