• Feb 22, 2021 - 22:18

The attached file contains the navigation of a score I recently purchased. This copy leaves out the notes but the flow instructions are as shown. The problem is, it doesn't work in Musescore, in fact I can't find any way to enter the 'To Next Strain' instruction in the first volta that's meaningful and the 'Fine' in the second volta is ignored. To be clear, I understand the text within the volta's is just plain text and not really instructions but this was the only way to show how the original score looks, which includes having no repeat barlines.

My question is of course, is there a way to enter this score into Musescore and have it work.

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Jumps do not change the number of repeats, so your voltas indeed won't work out as such.

My easy advise would be to just write the repeat barline if that's what you need for correct playback using standard notation.

If that is not an option, then my 2nd advise would be to move the 2nd volta thing to the end of the score as a coda and use a D.S. al Coda instead.

If that is also not an option, then see attached example. Aside from all the hidden jumps, there is also an invisible short measure tucked at the end to force end of playback.

And as an aside: Aligning text for lines using spaces is not quite a solid way; consider using the "end text" for the line instead. Although as you can see from the attached example, you can just use actual jump instructions and markers and edit their text to say whatever you want.

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