Hyphens suddenly all too low

• Feb 24, 2021 - 17:22

Hello everyone

A few minutes ago, the hyphens (green in the image) and open syllable lines (blue in the image) were correctly positioned, but now they're all much too low. In addition, there are some artifacts below certain notes (red in the image).


How do I fix this? Restarting MusesScore doesn't help.


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I can fix the hyphen positions using Format > Style > Lyrics > Lyrics Dash > Dash Y position ratio and setting it to "2", but that affects only the hyphens and not the open syllable lines or the artifacts.

Also, retyping the lyrics doesn't help: it puts the hyphens etc. in that low position even if I type new lyrics.

Updating to the latest version doesn't fix it.

Right-click one note, select all similar, now in Inspector reset the Chord y-offset.

Don't ask my why these offsets have such a strange effect on the lyrics dashes and melisma lines, but these offsets are bad, so getting rid of them is the right thing to do anyhow. If you want the pitches higher, move them higher, but don't use chord offset for that.

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