Can't play last line of a score..

• Feb 26, 2021 - 08:22

I've got this song working the way I want it to work except for the last line. My intention is to do one more loop around, up to the FINE then play the last line.
I've played around with the "DC al fine" options hoping to use the "continue at" but I can't tell to go to the last line.
Obviously I'm doing something wrong.
Would someone please take a look at the attached mscz and tell me where I've gone wrong?

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OblaDi OblaDa.mscz 16.17 KB


Update to 3.6.2...

But of course it never gets to the last, the D.C. al Fine tells it to stop at the Fine.
You could use a D.C. al Coda instead, change the Finet to a FTo Coda and add a Coda to the last measure

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Thanks for that. I didn't know that. My music theory is sadly lacking. I only started on this path last June. When the virus locked us down, I decided what the heck, Even though I'm 77yo, might as well do something that I've always wanted to do - learn the Irish flute.
M/sc has been an absolute wonder to me. I've now "migrated" 80 songs over to the Irish flute and whenever I get into trouble, you've always been there to help...

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