text on conductor score only

• Feb 27, 2021 - 22:29

Hi all. I tried adding some text to the conductors score on the title page (turning out to be quite the confusing effort). I've used a vertical frame and inserted an image file of a pdf I had created for the text. I didn't like just entering text in musescore because it didn't behave like I was hoping. Well, that messed up the program some how and when I would try the drop down for changing size the program immediately went to a drop down list for another function (choosing toolbars or something like that). Also, the navigation on my trackpad ceased to work. Also, I had made parts already but want to add text only to the conductor score and found the frames also added to ALL the parts as well (didn't know that, I'm new to frames) so now have to redo the fine-thing formatting of the parts. Is there a way at all to insert text in a similar style to a word processor? thanks so much.


Can you explain what you mean by "a similar style to a word processor"? If you mean word wrap, MuseScore doesn't support that, true, so you simply need to add line break, no reason to resort to image. It's not at all clear what you mean about messing up the program or changing toolbars, but if you attach your score and give us precise steps to reproduce whatever problem you are perceiving, we can try to assist.

As for parts, by definitely they should contain virtually everything that is in the score and vice versa. For the few excepts, simply press "V" to mark an element invisible in the part or the score as desired.

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