Hiding ghost choir/scaling

• Mar 1, 2021 - 06:13

I've added the ghost choir; however, when I hide it, it also leaves similar bottom margins on the previous pages. Is there a way I can compress the height of the ghost choir? I'd like the pages to fill completely, or at least nearly so.

I've thought of letting the ghost choir show on page 4. It would still be a part of the score. We just wouldn't use page 4 in the HTML. But it's awful tacky. Not my first choice.

Thanks for helping me sort this out. <3

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Thanks, Jojo. That helped some. I scaled it as far as I could. The bottom margin is still too wide because of the ghost choir. I've made the ghost choir as small as I know how. Is there a way to collapse it into one line? The rest of the scaling could be adjusted then. If not, I'll send it as is and let the post processor crop it for HTML.

Thanks for putting your Wizard hat on again. <3

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