Removing (overwriting) default whole note rest in bass clef (piano)

• Sep 1, 2014 - 19:02

When entering notes in piano mode (bass and treble clefs) it seems that I can only overwrite the default whole rest by using Voice 1 (blue). If I use the other three voice modes (yellow, green, purple) the whole rest remains even after the measure is filled with notes. This is a problem as I would like to keep Voice 1 in the treble clef and use the other voices in the bass clef. How can I overwrite or delete the default whole rest without using the blue Voice 1 ? I am new to MuseScore so any help here is greatly appreciated.


You can't. Voice 1 rests are always there. You could only make them invilible.
And no reason to reserve voice 1 for another staff, every staff can have up to 4 voices
So voice 1 in treble clef and voice 1 in bass clef are completly independant of one another

it does not seem advisable to separate the entries 1/234 on the two staves. .
You can not remove the blue rest (right-click: make invisible).
Use preferably Voice 1, the notes and the rests of the other voices can be deleted.
If it is unclear, attach your score here, if you wish, and your doubts.

I entered a rest in my score, but now I want a note there instead. How do I delete a quarter rest and replace it with a quarter note? Thanks.

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Go to that rest and press the letter that corresponds to your desired note.

This is a different question than is being addressed in this thread. It is generally better to start a new thread unless your comment is specifically about the thread. :)

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