Dynamics not responding Musescore,

• Mar 3, 2021 - 01:18

Hi. Dynamics aren't working. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks very much.


They do work, so please share your score.
If your score was a MIDI import, then all notes will have their velocity explicitly set to what they were in the MIIDI file; so make sure to reset them in that case, as those will indeed override dynamic settings.

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You have 2 dynamics on the Piano in the 1st measure, one per staff, pp on treble cled and p on bass clef, but both set to affect the entire instrument. That should sufficiently confuse MuseScore
The p in measure 10 is not a dynamic, neither is the f in measure 13, not sure what it is or how you managed to enger those, but deleting and replacing with real dynamics seems to work.
Check the attached

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I use the dynamics palette too, and that's the way to go. But when selecting the ones you entered in measure 10 and 13, these don't look like dynamics in Inspector, just plain Elements, more like added from the Symbols palette to the note and then moved into place unter the staff?

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No, they're from the dynamics palette, I didn't know there was any other way of doing it. Seems to be working better now. Maybe having separate dynamics for left and right staves threw it off, as you say, though there surely is a way of doing that? Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated.

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No, they obviously (once you know where to look) are not. Compare this (correct dynamic):


with that (incorrect plain symbol attached to a note (head)):

                <offset x="-0.0910578" y="5.91876"/>

Taken directly from your score (the mscx inside the mscz)

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It indeed should work from that view as well, but note that the master palette is not really intended for "everyday common" usage, but more as a means to customize your own normal palettes.

Now if you for some reason however had selected "Symbols" in that left column and then went for Dynamics under that, then you'd get the non-working symbol-only version instead.

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