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• Mar 3, 2021 - 16:32

Cannot seem to change the lyrics font size no matter what.
MuseScore 3.6
MacBook Pro
MacOS 10.15.7

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Select one sylable, in inspector change its size to your liking, then hit the S button next to it to set it as the style for that score

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Thanks Jojo! That worked for one syllable at a time but not for the entire lyric. I tried using the qualified select and select all the lyrics at once but it would not apply the style. I was able to select SOME multiple lyrics at once using shift+click but not all. This allowed me to complete the smaller project at hand but would not be efficient for a larger project. I wonder if I'm missing something still

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Read again what I wrote, It works, I tried it out and on your score (and used it many times before too)

Edit: I take it back... many of the sylables in your score have some custom formatting, you need to get rid of that first.
Several attempts later... try the attached, all syllables in 10pt and Edwin (and now my method from above works to set a different size)

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HBD-trio-sax.mscz 16.09 KB

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Outch, of course, that score is from 3.6.0, you should really be using 3.6.2 (and yes, we are aware that for Macs the autopudader is not working, not notifying about the new version)
And it is a MusicXML import, that explains the difficulties with custome formatting I guess

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