MuseScore crash on connecting to audio outlet

• Mar 9, 2021 - 19:28


I have mentioned this before but whenever I connect a speaker or headphone or any item to produce sound to the headphone port of my laptop, or say change from headphones to a loudspeaker on this port, MuseScore always and immediately crashes with the large rotating blue circle. I then have to close down Musescore or the blue circle will just continue to rotate until I do so. I then have to select the MuseScore icon in the bottom tray. It re-opens OK, but to get the sound to work I have to play with the Midi Input toggle. This problem does not occur with any other app that produces sound e.g. iTunes, You tube sound items, Musicnotes, WhatApp MP3s, sound clips, or MP3s and MP4 played through Windows apps. Can you help. It never used to do this with version 2 and earlier versions of Musescore, and it does it on both my laptops, one an HP and another a Dell.



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