Tuplet formatting a mess

• Mar 11, 2021 - 21:29

I am trying to create a cleaned up version of a song I downloaded. Its formatting was randomly spaced and messy.

Anyway, my thought was to create a new score, reset Style to default in the downloaded score, and copy from measure to measure into the new score. Trying to do at least 5-10 measures at a time and watch for problems. Boy did I find problems (see attached).
Note that I tried to make all elements visible (not just selecting Show Invisible). Also most of the tuplet brackets were set to none, I set a couple to Bracket, and noticed the brackets were rather far away from the number.

Assuming you see what I see; The tuplet 3s in the first four measures are scattered all over. I have repositioned a few which fixed some of the formatting right away. Notice also that there are 3s on page two, below the staffs, that I can't select at all.

I searched online, and dug through the manual and came up with bupkis.
You all have been great with helping me out in the past.
I sure hope you can point me in the right direction this time because I am at a total loss.

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Cantique de Jean Racine_new.mscz 17.75 KB


It's pretty messed up to be sure, would be nice to know how it got that way. Look like all sort of things were attached to entirely the wrong location then dragged to look as if it they were correct. Not sure there is any way to repair this.

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